FREE valuation

How much is your property worth?

To find out how much your property is worth, email us at with your details. We will contact you to discuss more information about your property and your requirements. We can then discuss a time convenient for you to visit the property and advise you how much your property could sell or rent for in the current market.

What to expect from us during a valuation?

When we visit, we will view each room in the property, detailing everything that it has to offer potential buyers or tenants. We will then return to our office and write a valuation letter, listing all relevant information, the suggested asking price for your property and how we reached this figure.

Once you receive a valuation from us

When you receive a valuation from us, you can be certain that the valuation figure we have provided is realistic. This is because our valuers always use comparable evidence, comparing your property to similar properties in the area, taking into account any variations such as the size and condition of the property, extensions, outside space, positioning on the road etc. This, in conjunction with our expert local knowledge and experience, helps us to form an accurate idea of what the property could achieve on the market.  

If you decide to go ahead and start the sale or letting process, we are happy to advise you of the best possible way to do this. We’ll listen to your goals and help you achieve them, supporting you throughout the process with advice and expert coordination. 


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